EServices is a good market place for Customer as well as Seller; India 's premier neutral global steel public e-marketplace has been endeavoring to integrate the highly fragmented small and medium sized companies with the big ones in domestic markets. Our Previous Experience has witnessed SELLERS and BUYERS of steel in India getting multidimensional benefits due to increased efficiencies in their online transactions for spot buying or selling. Steelez has reinforced and strengthened the relationships amongst buyers and sellers by providing unique benefits through online participation. During the past experience, Steelez has successfully leveraged the in-house skills to provide eBusiness solutions to the small and medium sized organizations in the steel domain. We want, Steelez has emerged as a reliable and competent eBusiness services provider to the steel industry and the success story is in the process of being repeated in the metals domain too.

We provide various services like

  • eAuctions
  • Thought ware Solutions ( Customized e Solutions for your business )
  • Web Services
  • Web Solutions
  • eServices


Steelez wants to create a Customer based platform mainly for Steel Sector:

To avail our services all that a Seller needs to do is to issue a letter authorizing Steelez to manage the online auction on his behalf. We handle all activities till receipt of EMD by the Seller and the auction is conducted on date and time agreed by Seller and as per his terms and conditions.

The success stories are being repeated for many more companies and so far Managed eSell auctions for different secondary arising / surplus items have been conducted with the sellers realizing substantial improvement in their product price. The bids are being received from bidders nationwide.

Steelez recognized the latent need for managed eSell auction for Corporate who wanted a faster mode of realization for their Scrap and Excess Inventory. This new model has opened a whole new market of buyers in different geographical areas for the seller. Better price realizations, expansion of seller's current market reach and removal of logistics related hindrances like time and efforts spent by bidders to visit the site physically to inspect, are few of the benefits that can be experienced through online live auctions. The initiative has been lauded by the members of the Steel industry and has set a milestone for E-Commerce in steel in India. Similar processes for Managed eBuy Auctions are also being designed for Corporate to enhance their savings while buying products as well.

Benefits of eSell and eBuy to Corporates

  No need for the SELLER/BUYER to allocate resources for soliciting response since Steelez will provide a customized platform. 
  SELLER/BUYER reaps the benefits of e-commerce without immersing into intricacies of e- commerce. Discovery of new buyers/sellers without incurring any cost.
  Online selling/buying will introduce dynamic prices in real time and transparency in the process with its consequent benefits to all the concerned parties.
  BIDDERS will be able to bid from their office itself - wider participation and price advantage.

Advantage of Bidders

  Bidder can bid sitting in comfort of his office - travel days & expenses are saved.
  Bidder can participate in any no. of auctions on different locations at the same time. 
  Conclusive deals in lesser time (few hours!) & Effort without physical presence. 
  Online and Offline support from our regional team. It expands reach of the bidders

You need not be a steel company to realize eTransactions benefits with our help. Be it non-ferrous or ferrous, we can offer you a Customized eSell or eBuy solution.
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Web Solutions - Private Trading Area

It has been observed the world over that during these changing times the big players have adjusted with relative ease but it is the medium and small sized enterprises, which have to worry about bearing the cost of change. To make e-commerce affordable and within easy reach for the small and medium enterprises in the steel sector, Steelez has, launched a project to enable Small and Medium Enterprises in the steel sector to reap the benefits of new technologies. With the deregulation of the steel sector,

Once you join as a member of this , Steelez, you are in one stroke in league with your big competitors and you are able to do the same without spending even a fraction of what the big players did!

Called Private Trading Area - We offers you `your very own' Internet based Sales and Purchase solution for direct goods/materials. This e-commerce solution has been designed in a simple and flexible way to deal with your strategic and downright proprietary customers and vendors whose sensitive connections you are not willing to expose to your competition. The software is designed and customized to suit you specific requirements. This software is hosted and managed on a server by Steelez maintaining a high level of security and confidentiality.

The operating costs have been kept low and small fee is payable on monthly basis. In return you are able to conduct business with the latest, relevant technology sure to improve bottom lines.

In short - the days of your being small and medium enterprises are over. You are now set to become strong and e-com savvy as the Major Enterprises.

  Steelez solution with the following e-commerce activities can be performed by you online… 
  You will be provided with a secure work area exclusively for you and your strategic & proprietary business partners. 
  This will have an interactive web page with transactional functionalities and will provide information about your company and allow other 
  Big players, parties also to conduct business with you. 
  You can conduct online secure deals with your regular Buyers through your authorized one or more Sales Managers handling different products and customers. 
   Each of your buyers can use the customized solution to perform the following activities
  View offers from you.
  Post enquiries for their requirements.
  Close deals online.
  Similarly you can also perform Purchase activities online with your strategic vendors for direct materials.
  Besides completion of deals online you have the provision to generate basic documentation such as Invoice, Packing  List and Mill Test Certificates. These can be made viewable to buyers online. 
  Similarly, for Purchase, your Vendors can submit basic documentation, which would be viewable to you. 

Besides performing the above activities you can view all orders and related documentation online his gives you the desired information in one place.

This is not the end of it. There are many more features we have to offer you today, tomorrow, and in coming weeks and months.

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Steelez’s e-procurement

Procurement has been the latest process to get the “e” treatment. It is also the process of choice now for organisations seeking increased efficiencies and reduced bottom lines. The increasing trends towards globalisation and increased competitiveness across markets have meant that most businesses are looking to increase efficiency. Increasing efficiency by addressing workforce levels and streamlining internal operations has been a favourite of many organisations.

Steelez’s – Transportation e-procurement

Steelez, the pioneer in the Indian e-auction space now takes your transportation procurement needs to a new level with Steelez e-Trans – your platform on the web for all kinds of logistics solutions for your business. Functioning on the reverse auction model, Steelez e-Trans ensures your business gets the advantage of operational performance from professional service providers at the most competitive prices possible.

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